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Dr. Pia Interlandi

Co-Opt Position

Dr Pia Interlandi is a regular contributor to public and academic discourse calling for greater family involvement between death and disposal. After dressing her grandfather for his funeral, she has advocated and empowered families to be able to clothe, touch, and hold their dead.

Pia works with the dying to design a final garment and then supports their families to dress their body in personalised ritual. She has dressed over 200 individuals and provides specialist body care and bereavement casting.

Pia’s creative research practice encourages audiences to consider what they will wear in death, initiating their own end-of-life plan. Her work has been commissioned by galleries including The Museum of Modern Art (New York) and The Science Museum (London) and is featured in several documentaries.

Alongside AHFA, Pia is also a founding member of the Natural Death Advocacy Network, Order of the Good Death, and the Australian Death Studies Society.

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