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I am of Ngemba - First Nations, Irish & Belgian bloodlines. I have always had a personal passion & interest in human relating, nature, lore, life & death. I was born with a strong yet soft humanitarian heart that likes to listen, observe & feel more than talk.

Prior to Paperbark, I primarily worked in front line positions - support/carer roles with children & women, drug & alcohol rehabilitation worker & in later years working, living, loving & unlearning in some of Australia’s most remote Indigenous communities.

Death for me personally is a gateway – a rite of passage into a liminal space offering many gifts stirring up the innate knowing we all have within, by sitting with death in a whole bodied meaningful way giving our grief & bereavement somewhere to go.

I strongly believe by taking an active role in the care given to the bodies of our loved ones, we return to a deeper connectedness to life, nature & lore. It is ultimately why I started Paperbark, so that we all can continue to weave the mystery of life & death in practical ways like our great great grandmothers did, at home weaving & wailing together.

I’m a mother, grandmother, daughter, friend, lover & an everyday human riding the roller coaster of a wondrous & adventurous life.

I offer an accessible, affordable & eco-conscious family led service offering the knowledge, advocacy & guidance, so that they may do as much or as little themselves.

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