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The Australian Home Funeral Alliance host information session on various topics to help inform and educate anyone interested in planning or hosting a Home Funeral. 

After each session a recording will been added here for you to view. Any information provided is general in nature and is not intended as advice or instructions.


ABOUT : Claire Turnham and Bec Lyons will share what a home funeral is and how it all works.

Claire Turnham MBE is a mother of 4 and the UK/NZ based Founder of Only with Love. As a pioneer of the home funeral movement, she is passionate about sharing her skills, knowledge and experience to help others. Claire is recognised internationally as a leading Home Funeral Practitioner, Educator, Celebrant and Advisor.

Bec Lyons is the President of the Natural Death Advocacy Network and the Australian Home Funeral Alliance. She is a Celebrant, Tedx speaker, end of life doula and independent funeral director. She is a Churchill Fellow and the author of 'A Heartfelt Undertaking'.

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