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My name is Skie Denham; Death Walker.

I have always been fascinated by the ritual of Death, ceremonies around someone dying and cemeteries since I was a child.

From a young age, I have lost people and attended many funerals from around 10 years old.

Caring for my family before the pass always came naturally, until one day about 8 years ago I heard someone say “Death Doula”, I was hooked. I made my mission to find out everything I could about Death and Dying in NSW and that included the funeral industry.

I became a White Lady, then worked at an independent Cemetery before opening up my small little Funeral Home “Lifetime Funerals”/ “Into the Dreaming Funerals” in the Blue Mountains.

Being a proud aboriginal (Wiradjuri) woman also has allowed me to share my culture and honour our people’s culture around sorry business and grief.

I hope to keep offering families the chance to care and farewell their loved ones how they wish to, not how the industry or preconceived ideas and notions guide them.

By offering ceremonies, home funerals and alternative options to families will hopefully pave the way for the “old way” to be new again.

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