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My name is Tracey, I live on my small farm in Southern Tasmania.

Navigating experiences in my own life and learning the purpose of those experiences prompted fulfillment of a long-term goal to deliver personalised support to those nearing their end of life.

My transition from employment with formal health care services to End of Life Doula follows multiple encounters with unfortunate outcomes, i.e. People dying without support, alone.

My 20 years of Nursing across many health care settings have nurtured the growth of a diverse skill set. I am caring and compassionate by nature with the ability to incorporate professionalism, love and laughter in my person-centered approach. Deep listening and enquiry are vital to delivering individualised holistic services to my clients and their loved ones.

I have deep respect of client's rights to choose an end of life that is meaningful to them and consistent with their belief system, traditions and values.

Imagine this...

Rather than settling for today's ‘conventional’ approach to dying, death, burial, grief and bereavement, I propose reverting back to traditional practices of caring for our dying in their own environment, surrounded by their preferred people, pets and creature comforts.

'How so' you say...

I will work with you, creating space for open conversations about death and dying. Allowing us to explore the many options available, with a little forward planning we can create a human centered approach to your end of life experience.

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